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MKA LIMS // Last Icon Maker Standing Contest
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28th-May-2012 12:48 am - Round #14 - Sign ups
shirley ; curls
I posted this last year here but didn't get much participation. I am hoping this time it will go differently.

This is the mkalims sign up post for round #14!! If you want to participate, please comment with the user name. Signs up will stay open until I have 6-15 people signed up. Anyone who signs up automatically gets one skip.

You may earn one extra skip by promoting this community (in places where promotion is allowed). Comment with your promotion link.

Please leave a suggestion of a challenge, your favorite project they have done, favorite episodes, favorite photo shoots, or links to your favorite photos.

Signed up:
hermionesparkle (1)
omigod_we_rock (1)
dani0110 (1)
nastyakireeva (1)
jane948 (1)
25th-Sep-2011 12:42 am - Update
shirley ; curls
Just wanted to let the community know that I am still around and still interested in doing another round as I wrote in the previous entry. Please sign up for round #14 if interested!!

I would also appreciate any recommendations of places that are Olsen twin communities around Livejournal. I only know of one active community and I can't promote there.
13th-May-2011 12:13 am - Extension until ??
shirley ; curls
There has been no interest in this community except for a few members. It is hard to run a LIMS when only 2 people want to participate & one is the mod! I get that Mary-Kate & Ashley are not very main stream anymore but it is frustrating. This community is 5 years old and I hate to see it die.

I will be keeping sign ups open until an undefinable time. The first challenge will be posted if/when I have at least eight people signed up.

I will continue to promote the community and hope it picks up soon.
30th-Apr-2011 03:03 am - Reminder - Sign ups - Extension
shirley ; curls
Hey all. I currently only have ONE member (besides me) signed up for round #14. Please sign up & tell your Olsen loving friends!

I am extending the sign ups. I will be posting the first challenge on Sunday May 8th. Sign ups will close on Sunday May 15th.

I will try to promote the community a bit and see if we can get some life around here. :)
17th-Apr-2011 06:12 pm - Reminder - Sign ups
ashley ; say what?
Hey all. I currently only have ZERO members (besides me) signed up for round #14. Please sign up & tell your Olsen loving friends!
4th-Apr-2011 12:36 am - Round #14 - Sign ups
shirley ; curls

This is the mkalims sign up post for round #14!! If you want to participate, please comment with the user name.

You may sign up at this post until Friday, April 29th .. Sunday, May 15th which is the day in which the first challenge voting will start!! The first challenge will be up on Sunday, April 24th .. Sunday, May 8th. This may change depending on how many people are signed up.

You may earn one extra skip for promoting the community. Just comment with the link & let me know where you promoted mkalims.

Please comment with a picture or challenge idea for the round.

♥ shows how many skips you have.
♥ ♥ dani0110
19th-Mar-2011 03:45 am - Round #13 - Banners
shirley ; curls
Here are banners for round #13. The post contains all of the Community's Choice, Mod's Choice, & top 3's banners.

Banners for: divachic04, jane948, tasty_candy, tropical_smile, dance_the_dance, & amaranthine3.

banners for round 13Collapse )

So far I only have interest from one person for doing another round. Remember to leave your feedback here and let me know if you are interested in another round.
shirley ; curls
Well I only got 3 votes and it wasn't looking like I was going to get anymore so I went ahead and tallied the votes.

And the winner for mkalims round #13 is........................................

you know you want to know..Collapse )

Congrats to the winner & thanks to everyone who entered this round!! I'll be making banners from this round and will be posting them very soon.

I am unsure when I will do another round. The interest here is obviously low since I am barely getting votes and entries. Please let me know if you are interested in another round here or not.
shirley ; curls
Please make sure you read what I write below this line please!!

1. Vote for ONE icon in EACH set that is your FAVORITE!! Don't vote by the current "it" style. Please vote for the quality of the icon in general. Look carefully at everything from cropping to coloring to the text and border if there is any.

2. You don't have to provide a reason but it'd be nice.

3. Those who entered, do not vote!!

final voting for round #13Collapse )
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